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My Pack

I know humans say that dogs can’t talk but we do! We just don’t speak English … we speak "Doglish"! Yes, there really is such a language. I prefer to think that its origins are from the blue blood forests of England. You know, where dogs are allowed to be dogs – running free, basking in the sun, sniffing and eating food nature intended for us to eat. Anyway, "Doglish" is not verbal; it’s all based on body language. When the two-legged pack members use this language it makes our life much easier.

Hi! My name is Clover, you can call me "Little Miss Muffit" if you’d like! That’s what my humans call me sometimes. My brother’s name is Sammy, his nick name is Sammy Sage. He really is quite wise. I’m a 3 year old black lab, and Sammy is an 11 year old, tri-colored Beagle. Sammy’s really calm and cuddly – everyone loves petting him and they use a lot of that baby talk when they see him. I have to admit, he really is super duper cute! Me, on the other hand; I’m a very playful, wiggly girl. I’m really tiny, too! I bet I could fit on your lap! I love to give kisses to everyone I meet! Slurp!

Sammy and I are quite different from each other, yet we get along really, really well. Our people rescued Sammy from a bio-medical research laboratory when he was 6 ½ years old. A couple years later they decided to get a puppy (that would be me!) from a "natural rearing breeder". This is a new group of people that are breeding dogs the natural, healthy way. My entire dog family (I think people call it a pedigree), were fed raw food, had minimal or no vaccines, and generous amounts of socialization. Guess what my first solid food was? A raw chicken wing! Delicious! Anyway, despite how different Sammy and my backgrounds are, we live cohesively in our pack.

Our family pack is harmonious in large part because we all listen to each other. We all know what the pack rules are – to be courteous. We all care about each other’s feelings and respect one another. Remember the whole "Doglish" language thing I was talking about? Well, here’s an example of how it works. I need clear controlled verbal cues and hand signals whereas Sammy Sage really just observes and follows subtle cues. Our two-legged pack members are mindful of how we each learning differently and do what works best for each of us. We always receive lots of compliments from our two-leggers. We like hearing "good dog" and "thank you!" because it helps us to keep doing polite, mannerly things.

Food, glorious food! Our people give us only whole foods. Raw chicken, turkey, beef, fish, you name it. But we really enjoy getting snacks throughout the day - apple or pear slices are our favorite!! Our tummies really look forward to getting leftovers like: quinoa, kale, salmon, chicken soup, blueberries, or papaya … yummy!! After our holistic based breakfast, we are fortunate to explore outside !Each day our pack makes sure we get fresh air for our lungs, sunlight for our bones and leash time to stimulate our minds and bodies. Oh, the smells of the outdoors ---- AROOOH!! We have so much fun picking up scents and exploring! It’s our way of checking our e-mail or reading the newspaper! Some days our bodies just want a break so we rest up and refuel for another glorious day. Yes, our pack is a peaceful one.