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Recommended Foods

What is Your Biggest Fear?

My fear, is that my dogs and others will have a short existence here on earth. Since I made the decision to have dogs in my life, I’ve also made the decision and commitment to provide them with what nature intended. A healthy, species appropriate diet. My fear become the catalyst in making a shift towards a healthy & happy life for your dog and yourself. Dogs have such a short life, let’s return the love and provide a healthy life!

We all need to re-examine what we are feeding our dogs. What is going into their bodies and how it is affecting them. Dogs are getting cancer more today than ever before and at an earlier age. According to a leading veterinarian oncologist, Dr. Ogilve of Colorado Vet Hosp., food is THE most powerful tool to prevent cancer AND to it! Did you know that cancer cells love carbohydrates? Well guess what the most common ingredients in most dog foods? Yep … carbohydrates! Did you ever stop and wonder what was is in that stuff called kibble and how it impacts your dog on a daily basis? How would your mind, body, and spirit function if you ate Doritos® every day for your entire life?!! Diet affects a dog’s physical and mental well being. A healthy diet creates healthier behavior, too!

We have been convinced by veterinarians (even good ones), advertisements, family "traditions" and sheer convenience; that super market, commercial kibble and canned food what we should feed our dogs. EEEEERRRRRK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP! Let’s use common sense and some proven scientific facts now.

The Animal Pet Food Institute conducted an in-depth study on what the actual ingredients are in common dog food (as well as cat food). Their findings concluded that when the ingredients label reads “animal by-products” that is a catch-all phrase for everything: feet, head, fur, and feathers, diseased animals & road kill. The list goes on. They also determined that there are various cancer causing additives and preservatives that go by the names of BHA, BTA, Ethoxyquin & Polypropylene glycol in the very dog food that people are giving their dogs!


It wasn’t until approximately 60 years ago that dogs were introduced to commercial food - kibble and canned food. Before then they thrived and survived on what nature provided. Dogs are carnivores and have survived on a meat/vegetable/fruit diet for hundreds of years. Dogs cannot digest grains, such as corn the way we can. They will function better and most importantly have a longer, incredibly better quality of life, on a natural, or as close to natural diet. This is what is known as a "species appropriate diet". In other words, dogs are carnivores and should be fed as carnivores. The pet food industry is "feeding" them as forced omnivores.

There are a variety of good foods on the market today. They run the gamut price-wise as well as quality. You can select from kibble, canned food, dehydrated food, cooked whole food and raw whole food. The best advice I can offer is go with a good quality food that works for you and your dog. But you need to educate yourself. The same goes for veterinary care – YOU need to be your dog’s health care advocate.

Fresh food = health, which means fewer unnecessary vet visits. In the long run, a species appropriate, natural diet is less expensive and most beneficial to you and your dog. Use nature as your guide.

My biggest fear was, "will my dogs stay healthy and what will happen if they get ill?" I have seen healthy dogs "poisoned" by the food that they are given. When a dog is fed a species appropriate diet, you have the peace of mind that you are providing them with what nature intended for them to have. A whole, fresh diet will boost their immune system and inevitably keep them strong when and if disease creeps in. Without question, diet has saved my dogs’ lives. So please, give your dog the gift of health!

What is the best food for your dog? That is really a question that should be answered by you. You live with your dog on a daily basis and know what he / she likes as well as what he/she can tolerate. Use common sense and make good choices and you and your dog will come to a great decision about what food to eat. It’s important to keep in mind that VARIETY is the key. Just remember diet rotation. When beginning, select one, and then over a few weeks, GRADUALLY introduce different foods. I never give my dogs the same meal. Daily and/or weekly I change it. They may have raw chicken with veggies one day & then cooked salmon the next, & maybe canned food w/ left -over meat & veggies.

Below is a list of recommended, top quality dog foods. The companies that produce these foods meet tough testing standards, have all natural ingredients, do NOT use animal by-products or chemical preservatives and must meet criteria for disclosing the name and location of it’s manufacturers. Remember the pet – food poisoning? All of those foods did NOT meet any of these standards. Equally important, the foods below were NEVER on the tainted list.

FYI – Eukanuba/Iams, Science Diet, Hills, Purina, etc. REFUSED to cooperate and FAILED all of these tests.

**The foods listed below are NOT found in a super market. They can be found at The Happy Hound or other specialty dog stores. If you can’t find a food please feel free to ask us & we will be happy to help!

Dry / Kibble Dog Foods

Dry food is not the healthiest diet for your dog.

It is the least natural. It is the furthest food from nature. It lacks adequate animal protein and contains a higher amount of grains. As mentioned above, your dog needs the OPPOSITE of this. However, if you choose to go with a kibble these are suggested.

  1. Evo
  2. Karma
  3. California Natural
  4. Solid Gold
  5. Nature’s Variety
  6. Wellness
  7. Fromm
  8. Merrick
  9. Wellness
  10. Blue Buffalo
Canned Dog Food
  1. Weruva
  2. Evo
  3. Solid Gold
  4. Blue Buffalo
  5. Nature’s Variety
  6. Wellness
  7. Fromm
  8. Merrick
  9. Tripett! (canned tripe w/ garlic). A wonderful supplement to add to food … a few times a week!
Dehydrated Foods
  1. Sojos
  2. The Honest Kitchen
  3. Uncle Harvey’s
  4. Addiction
  5. Orijen
Raw Foods (can also be cooked)
  1. Answers – Organic
  2. Aunt Jenni’s
  3. Bravo!
  4. Organic Nature’s Variety
*** Raw bones are safe for dogs. Cooked bones are
extremely dangerous!

*** You should always monitor your dog w/ any type of eating...
food or treat.

*** Food is one thing but treats make the time between breakfast
& dinner a yummy time!

Top Treats and Chews I give to my dogs:
  1. Salmon Paws – pure salmon
  2. Wild Side Salmon
  3. Vital Essentials® – freeze dried tripe or beef
  4. Fart Busters – digestive enzyme and chicken
  5. Thrive – pineapple, papaya & sweet potatoes
  6. Dr. Beckers – vitamin enriched holistic treats
  7. Himalayan Dog Chews
  8. Canine Caviar – Tripe bones, Buffalo chews, etc.
  9. Bravo – roasted tendon chews and raw marrow bones
  10. Deer & Elk Antlers